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Svenska Rum in the media

Forty years ago, Leif Jansson designed for his own fashion boutique in Stockholm,
often using antiques as props in the windows. Over time, he saw there was more and
more interest in the antiques, and he pivoted. Located on the elegant Nybrogatan,
Svenska Rum Antik specialises in exceptionally pretty and quintessentially Swedish
painted furniture. It’s the sort of place where you just know you’re going to discover
something wonderful, such as a pair of voluptuous 18th-century bomb commodes or
a wonderfully lyrical Mora clock – a long-case that takes its name from the town of
Mora, in central Sweden, where the clocks were made during the Gustavian period.
“The late 18th century is considered the peak of Swedish cultural life, mainly
because of Gustav III’s connections with France,” Jansson explains. “But Swedish
design has always kept its own unique character through its feeling for simplicity and
natural materials and the need to bring light and warmth into the home. This,
ultimately, is what defines Swedish style.”

-Jason Mowen, WISH magazine Australia, October 2018